How Can I Tell If My Ex Boyfriend Still Likes Me: 3 Quick Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Published: 17th April 2009
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If you have recently experienced a breakup with your boyfriend, you may be asking yourself the question "how can I tell if my boyfriend still likes me?" You may even be asking yourself this even if the breakup was a long time ago. This article will give you some tips on how to find the answer, which will focus not on what he is doing, but on questions about the relationship itself. Obviously, if you are thinking about this, chances are you would like to get your ex boyfriend back.

Well I have good news for you - it is possible to get him back! This is especially true if your boyfriend does still like you, so answering this question becomes even more important to you. To find this answer, you should first answer some other questions:

  • How long was the relationship?

  • Who initiated the breakup?

  • What was the primary reason for the breakup?

Let's start with the first question - how long was you relationship? In general, the longer the relationship, the better that chances that your ex boyfriend still likes you. If you had been together for only a couple of weeks, this may not be of much help. He may indeed still like you, but you have not much of a history together and this tends to lower the chances somewhat (though it does not rule it out entirely.)

However, if you had been together for several months or even years, there is certainly a good chance that your ex boyfriend still likes you. The longer your history together, the more experiences you have shared. The more experiences you have shared, the more memories you have together. And these memories tend to bind you and your ex boyfriend together, especially if the memories are primarily good ones. Yet even bad memories are still shared experiences, and shared experiences are a large part of any relationship. So in brief, the longer the relationship, and the more good memories you have together, the better the chances that your ex boyfriend still likes you.

So what about the second question - who initiated the breakup? If you broke up with him, chances are he is hurting, confused and maybe even angry. These are good signs that he indeed does still like you. What if he is the one who broke up with you? While this may not seem quite as favorable, it certainly does not rule out the possibility that he still likes you. In fact, with some guys, this is actually a sign that he really does like you!

This may not make sense at first, but you should realize that some guys get a little freaked out when they start caring for someone on a deeper level, and it kicks in the fight or flight response. This may lead him to literally run from you because he is not sure how to handle these feelings. Summing this up, if you did the breaking up, especially if he protested and did not want to breakup, chances are he still likes you. And if he did the breaking up, particularly at a time when it seemed that things seemed to be going very well, he may just be unsure how to move further with the relationship and simply takes off.

Which leaves the final question - what caused the breakup to start with? Was it something silly (as it often is) like a fight for no real reason or a misunderstanding? If it was something along those lines, chances are your ex boyfriend still likes you. Was it something like "needing space?" If so, that really may be all there is to it - we all need a certain amount of "me" time, and if he was not getting that, he could have felt like he had no choice but to move on. He still may have very serious feelings for you, but cannot express them for fear of being smothered.

Now, if there were a more serious problem, such as cheating on your part, this would tend to diminish the chances. If it has been a rocky relationship with lots of fighting and mistrust, then he may really want to just get on with his life. However, no situation is hopeless.

Hopefully, answering the questions above will help give you some insight into the question "how can I tell if my ex boyfriend still likes me?" More importantly, it should also give you some things t think about as to how you could improve the situation and win him back. For example, it you were smothering him, give him some space. See where this is going? In future articles, we will look at other ways to tell if your ex still likes you, and how you can win him back.

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